By Rody dit “le roux de secours”, March 12, 2018 (article updated on January 31, 2020)

Trend, trend and more trend! Here’s a word that will make more than one squeak. With the male fashion industry experiencing unprecedented growth, trend analysis has become a necessity. Besides, we notice that more and more brands are starting to leave men’s collections: Isabel Marant has taken the plunge, Jacquemus will soon take out of its boxes a men’s line and let’s be honest, you no longer need your girlfriend or mom to go on a shopping spree! We therefore offer you a trend review focused on cinema and television over time. On the program: surprise, Magnum (not ice cream, but the guy with the mustache and the Ferrari), “they are crazy at Comme un camion”, the brothers Venturas Ace and Lino and a revival of our college years and high school because the nineties style sets in for good.

A quick recap before we start

First of all, it should start with a retrospective of the coming season. It may sound strange said like that, but the collections have been on display for a year now. And the first of all is horizontal or vertical is worn Dewey way. The multicolored 90’s stripes on a raw, black or mineral background will undoubtedly be the hit of the season. We continue with a color that is not really one, black. Deep and intense, it is present in dominant color for the SS18 and appears in jacket, pants or in total look (Darth Vader, if you read me). Who says beautiful season, says normally, significant heat. The bare foot, in sandals or tap, plastic, leather or in color, will also be there! So we release the feet so that they smell good this summer even if it is not won for some.

Another big comeback is the double breasted blazer. For our greatest pleasure, this piece of our wardrobe is essential this season. We will prefer it navy blue, with tone-on-tone details or with large white tiles for the most stylish. And as you can imagine, it will also be black. Another return, the shirt. And yes gentlemen the shirt! No longer the prerogative of a 45-year-old accountant still living with mom, this season is printed, Cuban, geometric, tropical, flowing, in cotton with sleeves rolled up or layered over a t-shirt but also wide and floating in Magnum style (no, still not ice) or silky and stylish in high-waisted pants.

We now move on to the stockings, focusing on the pants cut. This season, it will be wide, falling on the foot, straight, loose and flazed. In chino, jogging style or wool, you don’t hesitate with comfort and style. Finally, head back to the future for 90’s denim at the door of the 00’s. For jeans, it will be high waist and stone, its wash can also be bleached and torn at the knees, it’s up to you! We also don’t forget the jackets in the same material! Finally, the last piece is one of the most complicated. Whether you miss it or not, you will also have to rely on the wetsuit and this in all its variations: short wetsuit, mechanic wetsuit, dressy wetsuit, printed wetsuit, short diving wetsuit! The combi must be in the image of its owner.

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Like a truck: men’s fashion blog

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Like a truck: men’s fashion blog

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