90s, the right style


Thirty years after the advent of oversized blazers, camel shades of camel and duo flip-flops / slip dress, fashion revives – with an undisguised gluttony – with the aesthetic charter of the 90s. Review of stylistic gimmicks of the time having recently regained their relevance…

 Slip a hoodie under an oversized blazer (see here).

 Bet on contrasts by associating pea coat / turtleneck and mini skirt (see here).

 On off days, wear your blazer with gray fleece jogging pants (see here).

 Choose your costumes that are a bit too big to give them a Gavroche look (see here).

 Wear under his large twisted sweaters a raw denim shirt with a raised collar (see here).

 Make the oversized denim jacket its new barbour (see here).

 Swap Docs for a pair of cowboy boots (see here).

 Marry a houndstooth print male blazer, shirt, T-shirt and high-waisted bleached jeans (see here).

 Treat her costumes as a full-blown evening dress by wearing them next to the skin (see here).

 Combine large creoles and sparkling cardigan (see here).

 Casualize a slip dress by putting on a pair of flip flops (see here).

 Make the large sweater dress a quilted clothing par excellence (see here).

 Wear a monochrome casual look with a pair of white sneakers (see here).

Mix blue cerulean t-shirt, slightly destroyed faded jeans, white sneakers, caramel tan and good humor (see here).

 Feminize your loose looks via a turban headband (or a turban headband) (see here).

 Telescoping the tiles (see here).

 Marry smoke blue, purple and forest green (see here).

 Consider buying a new pair of Gazelle (see here and there).

 Warm her satin skirts with a thick, cozy sweater (see here).

 Mix black and brown (see here and there).

 Combine sailor cap, oversized sweater and mischievous air (see here).

 Gather her socks in her sneakers (see here).

The essentials of a nineties wardrobe

 A houndstooth-print wool blazer.

 A large twisted sweater.

 A printed T-shirt.

 A slip dress.

 Wide pants.

 A pair of Gazelle.

 Black jeans 501.

 A white round neck T-shirt.

 A denim shirt.

Constance, the good style # 2


Dissected 2 years ago, the style of Constance – dashing housewife with cheerfully azimuthed bourgeois looks – continues to seduce me with her offbeat humor and her coquetry that is so detailed. It was therefore legitimate in my eyes to devote a second part to it “the good style”. Review of the new little things that we could borrow from the shimmering stylistic grammar of this expert in overlays …

 Prefer Doc Martens a pair of chocolate Paraboots (see here).

 Marry gray, yellow and pearl gray (see here).

 Unearth and cherish clothing “Proust madeleines” (see here).

 Go up and cross the collar of his plaid shirt to reveal it under a funnel neck sweatshirt (see here).

 Footwear – where most would have opted for trendy sneakers – a pair of velvet ballerinas with pointed toes (see here).

 Treat your sneaker laces like a full-fledged chain necklace (see here).

 Telescoping British tweed and funky T-shirt (see here).

 Skate the striped / leopard duo by working them in tone on tone (see here).

 Break the bourgeois dimension of the iconic Agnès B waistcoat by having fun superimposing it on one of her twins (see here).

 Unearth an inedible version of the candy necklaces dear to our childhood (see here).

 Make pink and its derivatives its chromatic playground (see here, here, here, here and there).

 Cultivate a joyful stylistic schizophrenia, between a high spirit of “châtelaine at rest” and sneakers with a retro flavor (see here).

 Occasionally swap immaculate sneakers for a pair of ninetie white ankle boots (see here).

Warm her bare ankles with the famous slim rolls via a pair of thick colored socks (see here).

 Marry lilac, pale pink and pearl gray (see here).

 Offer a winter life to your ballerinas by associating them with a pair of warm tights (see here).

 Make the rock DNA of his perfecto lie by reheating it in contact with a tartan print worthy of Queen Elizabeth on a spree at Balmoral (see here).

 Chic your down jacket by sliding the top buttoned denim shirt / fancy necklace duo (see here).

 Dare to make kitsch an element of fashionable humor (see here).

 Combine Barbès sweatshirt and tiles (see here).

 Wear the removable sheepskin collar of his jackets over his striped blouses (see here).

 Use and abuse the male blazer / pleated leopard dress mix (see here).

 Dramatize the mini lengths by combining girly accessories and printed sneakers (see here).

 Over-accumulate ethical fashionning bracelets (see here).

 Collect regressive or retro T-shirts likely to twist any style (see here, here and there).

 Make the wide midi skirt the partner of choice for the sportswear / sportswear tandem tandem (see here).

 Invest in a remastered aviator jacket to accompany your iridescent tops (see here).

 Soften the clash of styles via a clever shades of shades (see here and there).

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