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Google Domains offers several options for securing and managing your web presence:

Use your domain name as a custom domain for Google App Engine, Blogger or Google Sites.

Use one of the partner web hosting providers and easily associate your site with your domain. You can create an account or use one that you have already set up.

Choose another third-party web hosting provider.

Use the web redirect feature to redirect traffic from your domain directly to an existing site.

Select a web hosting provider below to find out how to start a trial plan. Alternatively, you can log into your existing account with one of the integrated third-party web hosting providers, Google’s web tools, or other third-party web hosting providers. You also have the option of simply redirecting your domain to an existing site.

Select a web hosting provider to start:

Google Web Tools (Blogger, Google App Engine and Google Sites)





WordPress by Bluehost

Other third-party web hosting provider

Web redirect to an existing website

ISP (Intrnet Service Providers) and Hosting

Do not confuse the Internet service provider (ISP) which provides you with a connection to the Internet and the host who hosts your site on its server. Although some ISPs also offer hosting, it is often cheaper to do business with two separate companies. There are free and paid hosts.

ISP (Internet Service Providers)

How to choose your Internet service provider?

The variables are:

Does it offer high speed? With the exception of specialized companies with RNS lines, Videotron is faster than Bell-sympatico high speed.

Reliability: Check with subscribers.

– Is the ISP server often down?

– Does it have enough lines to support all of its subscribers.

The cost? Compare.

Interesting text on the website of the Institut du commerce électronique du Québec.

Supplier survey

Internet services

Statistics Canada has just released 2001 data from the Annual Survey of Internet Service Providers and Other Related Services. Among other things, the survey found that in 2001, operating revenues for the Internet service provider sector reached $ 1.27 billion, up 27%. Source and continuation


Paid hosting is essential for a site. Accommodation with a free host gives a bad impression, a lack of professionalism. Hosting means recent servers, sufficient bandwidth to ensure acceptable access speed for your visitors and up-to-date software. The host must be able to cope with sudden increases in the number of visitors. The host must provide for the future technological needs of the site. The host must offer an extranet with a dashboard, email accounts, virus and spam management and foolproof security of your data. Finally, technical support must be fast and efficient.

Choosing the right host

A very good little summary to choose your host

By Anthony Alberti

Poor quality accommodation (slowness, cuts, etc.) is the cause of many Internet users who do not finish their visit because of the slowness or worse, because of the site which has become inaccessible. There is nothing more disturbing than having to move a site. The accommodation offers are legion and you could say that they all look the same. How then is it possible to identify the most efficient professionals to respond to your request? (…) To read more in 2000.txt

By Jean Lançon

If the content is just as important as the container for the success of a website, we sometimes tend to forget the fundamental role that the quality of hosting plays. Poor connectivity, poorly exploited or malfunctioning technology, and your losses (in terms of audience and therefore often money) quickly add up significantly. The first rule to observe is to “plan wide”. Undersizing your accommodation, or evaluating it too tightly, is a mistake. Surprises are often unpleasant and costly when your traffic exceeds your forecasts, and the bandwidth quota allocated to you explodes under the yoke of your visitors. (…) To read more in 2001.txt

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