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To fully benefit from the benefits of castor oil, regular application adapted to the needs of each person is necessary. By following the few recommendations that follow, one to four weeks of use will be enough to feel the beneficial effects. Your nails will be stronger, better hydrated, healthier and their growth accelerated. However, the success of the treatment will depend on the regularity of the applications. We therefore advise you to take good habits as soon as possible.

So before any application, start by ensuring the cleanliness of your nails. Remember to remove any varnish residue with a mild solvent and wash your hands thoroughly. If necessary, push back your cuticles with a boxwood stick or a cuticle pusher. When the treatment is carried out before your manicure, it is desirable to file and give the desired shape to your nails at this stage. After these first steps, your nails are ready for the application of castor oil.

To fortify and beautify your healthy nails

You want to strengthen your nails in order to maintain their natural beauty and health. Ideally, apply castor oil before your manicures. This vegetable oil, very easy to use, is handled like a classic nail polish. So, get the applicator brush that comes with your oil bottle or a small flat makeup brush that will do the job just as well. Soak it in oil, being careful to squeeze it well to limit the risk of running between your fingers. To control the dosage of the product more precisely and avoid soaking the brush directly in the jar, a trick is to place a few drops in the cap of the bottle. Then apply the oil on your nail, extending over the sides and cuticles. Still with the brush, finish by spreading the oil below the nail.

This step completed, massage each nail by making small circular movements with your fingertips. This will help the active components of the product to penetrate the heart of the nail. By insisting on the base, that is to say the matrix, you will stimulate the blood circulation essential to the vitality of your nails. The drying time of the oil is variable. We recommend that you leave the product on for at least 15 minutes. However, there is no contraindication to waiting longer. Finally, wipe off the excess product with a clean towel. When your treatment is finished and your nails are ready, you can now switch to the varnish of your choice.

To nourish and hydrate your damaged nails

Weakened by everyday actions, your nails appear soft, brittle, brittle or split. In order to repair your nails and restore their natural shine, a treatment over several days with castor oil is essential. A brush application may be perfectly suitable for obtaining good results. But to take full advantage of the oil’s performance and, more particularly, its nourishing and hydrating qualities, it is important to apply it preferably in the evening. That way your nails will have plenty of time to absorb the benefits of the oil at their own pace overnight.

If your nails are in very bad condition, the oil bath technique is quite suitable. Once or twice a week, pour a little castor oil in a bowl in which you will immerse your fingers for about fifteen minutes. Then, massage your nails generously before rinsing and drying them. Depending on the desired effects, it is possible to combine castor oil with other vegetable oils with complementary virtues.

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