Castor oil for nails: how to use it?

Castor oil par excellence, castor oil is renowned for its many virtues. But what is castor oil? What are its benefits ? How to choose and use it? We invite you to discover this impressive miracle oil of qualities to beautify your nails and keep them in good health.

A healthy and natural oil

Castor oil, also known as beaver oil, is 100% vegetable and natural. It comes from the pressure of the seeds of a shrub called castor bean. Unlike the castor bean seed, the oil extracted from it has no toxicity. It has been used because of its many benefits for centuries in both medicine and cosmetics. In ancient times, the Egyptians used to harvest the fruits of this plant mainly found in tropical Africa to produce the precious substance they used to remove make-up.

The shrub has since been grown in India, China and Brazil. Known for its beneficial effects on the skin, hair and nails, castor oil has a unique texture. Pale yellow or even colorless in color, it is both dense and limpid and emits a pleasant and discreet odor. Its high viscosity and its hydrating power make it a highly sought-after ingredient in the composition of beauty products.

A source of benefits for our nails

It’s no secret that to be healthy, our nails need to be nourished, hydrated and protected. When healthy, their growth varies between 3 and 4 mm per month. However, our activities, our general state of health (in particular stress and fatigue), the effects of time or even our bad little habits, such as biting our nails, mistreat them, weaken them and slow down their growth.

Presented as an ideal solution, castor oil solves many of our daily ailments. This miraculous oil, made up of fatty acids and more particularly ricinoleic acid, is naturally rich in Omega 6, Omega 9 and vitamin E which give it undeniable protective and curative qualities.

By its generous composition, castor oil provides all the care necessary to strengthen our nails and promote their growth. Nourishing and hydrating, it acts in depth to make the nail more resistant. Soft, brittle, brittle or split nails are then strengthened and better protected against possible cracks. Nails treated with castor oil, whether hands or feet, quickly regain their shine and vitality.

Thanks to these same properties, castor oil is a real asset for the protection of our cuticles. Cold, dry air and some cleaning products cause the thin skin around our nails to dry out. Too dry, it cracks to the point of sometimes suffering from small cuts. In order to restore flexibility and efficiency to our cuticles to preserve the matrix of our nails, it is essential to hydrate them well and nourish them with castor oil and the richness of its fatty acids.

Finally, castor oil has undeniable purifying and purifying powers. With antibacterial and antifungal properties, the oil helps prevent infections by eliminating bacteria and impurities. It is also used effectively against nail fungus. Its rich and dense texture easily penetrates the different layers of the nail and is ideal for localized care.

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